The History Behind Visual IT Solutions


isual IT Solutions was founded in 2013 by managing director David Vitali. VIT Solutions operates within the Asia Pacific region providing analytics, web development, software and IT support services. Our team are professional, pro-active and highly skilled.

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hen you partner with us, we listen to you! Our professional team work with you to identify, plan and deliver what it is that your company needs to ensure success. You, like many others, are seeking a more natural way to optimize your business with the use of technology and that’s where we come in!

Our Team

Experience, quality and customer satisfaction is key to our success.

David Vitali
David Vitali- Managing Director & Founder
Demonstrated history in the Logistics, Manufacturing, Sales and Sports/Racing industry. David is skilled in Databasing, Data Analytics, Warehousing, and Management. Strong problem-solving skills with a Master of Business in Enterprise Resource Planning. He enjoys spending time with family, friends and helping others optimise and grow their businesses.
Sarah Vitali
Sarah Vitali- Director, Digital Marketing
Extensive experience in planning and managing marketing campaigns that promote our client’s brand, products, and services. Sarah has a strong knowledge of social media platforms and enthusiasm in content creation. Love researching the latest trends online and in marketing. She enjoys spending time with family, going to the gym and cooking.
Liguo Ma
Liguo Ma- Developer
Experienced and professional Liguo has a passion for web design and development. Knowledgeable in Java script, MVC web frameworks, mobile and desktop app development as well as script development. During his free time Liguo enjoys playing table tennis, going out with friends and watching sports.

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